How to enjoy the Jubilee bank holiday like a Queen!

Jubilee bank holiday is almost upon us.

Oh yes, good old Queenie Liz is celebrating her platinum jubilee with a mega long bank holiday and a big sesh. OK, maybe not the sesh bit, but definitely the 4 day weekend.

Whether you’re a royalist or not, she’s put in a good stint on the magic chair (Game of Thrones is way more interesting, dragon not corgis etc, but we roll) and we can all get behind a few days off work sitting in sunny beer gardens, can’t we!

At Bobby Dazzlers, we think you’re all royalty and should be dressed fit for a king (or queen) and feeling snazzy at all times. So for this week’s blog we’ve put together some top tips for enjoying the Jubilee bank holiday in the Black Country.

Get the party started! What’s the point of a four day holibobs if you can’t get your party on. The sun is shining, the bevs are flowing and you’ve got your best ‘Now That’s What I Call Pizza Express’ megamix blasting. Bulk buy the sausages from Lidl (there’s a cost of living crisis on after all) and BBQ your way into the weekend.

Fancy meeting the neighbours having been legally not allowed to speak to them for the best part of two years? Well there’s lots of street parties happening, so why not start your own. Get the Pimms out and you’ll have Brenda from Number 7 doing the conga down the street in no time.

Jubilee bank holiday wouldn’t be complete without afternoon tea – it’s the queen’s favourite after all! A great option for those that fancy a more relaxed affair, why not make it Black Country inspired and swap your finger sandwiches for orange chips – you know it makes sense.

Get dressed up and make sure you look dazzling. We’ve got a range of great Black Country inspired T-shirts that are perfect for summer parties and banging bank holidays. Our latest addition – Choose Wine – is selling like hot cakes and makes the ideal garden party garment. Tap the link to the shop to see what we have available this month.

Whatever happens, remember it’s not really about the royal family, but your own. Spend time with loved ones you’ve been so brutally pulled away from over the last few years and make up for lost time. Make new memories, have some fun, and above all, don’t mention Prince Harry in front of your gran.

From everyone here at Bobby Dazzlers we wish you a gorgeous Jubilee bank holiday weekend and a safe, happy June.

The shop is open throughout the weekend but orders can’t be processed during the bank holiday so please keep that in mind if you’re purchasing anything from our fabulous range.

Until next time,

Team Bobby x

Bobby Dazzlers have launched a new T-Shirt!

Have you seen our new t-shirt design? Oh yes, it’s true. It’s been a while coming (something about a global pandemic and world war 3 starting…) but we can finally reveal the latest design to hit our online store.

“Choose Wine” – available now via the shop in all sizes. Yippppeee.

Always with our tongue firmly in our cheek, the latest in the Bobby Dazzlers range somehow combines the spirit of the forever iconic George Michael and (our second favourite topic) alcohol for a playful tee that will get you noticed this spring/summer.

After the stress and drama of the last 2 years, the gang thought it might be fun to offer a t-shirt that’s both funky and says exactly what we’re all thinking in this crazy world, day to day. If in doubt: choose wine. Amen to that.

So whether you’re still reeling from the pandemic, you’re trying to make sense of the ever-evolving (and terrifying) state of the world, or you’re simply parroting what party monster and human shambles Boris Johnson said at every illegal gathering he can’t remember attending in his own home; make a sensible choice and simply Choose Wine. 

The new design is available in sizes XS to XXL and comes in white with black printing. Sizing is true to size, so if you like yours a bit baggier go larger and if you like them snug as a bug we’d suggest dropping down a size.

As with all our high quality tees, we’ll donate some of the profits to local charities, so not only are you getting a cool garment you’re also helping others. Isn’t that nice? We think so.

Ideal as a gift or just for yourself, our t-shirts are made with quality materials and we ensure all our snazzy garments are fair trade from start to finish. We don’t cut corners and our tees last the distance, so you know the quality is top notch.

Don’t forget, as well as our bostin original tees, we also like to launch some limited edition t-shirts from time to time – so make sure you check the online store frequently to see what we have available.

Take a look at the shop here to see what other designs we currently have available – and if you fancy suggesting some new designs for us to consider we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a DM on Instagram or Twitter and someone from Team Bobby will get back to you ASAP.

We hope your having a great week and we look forward to letting you now more exciting news from the gang soon. Who knows – maybe you’ll even see us at events or markets soon?

– All the best,
Team Bobby D

Why you should ‘shop small’ this spring

The storms named after angry old ladies have passed and according to those clever chaps on the weather channel we *might* be on the cusp of seeing spring at last.

Yeah, sure, it’s been the longest winter since Game of Thrones finished but let’s look at the positive – March is here and that means spring will soon be… well, sprung.

Of course, the change in seasons means a change in weather and you can expect to see longer days, more sunshine and less rain – sounds glorious, doesn’t it. With that in mind, you may be looking at revamping your wardrobe or having a clear out to bring in some new items for your fashionista needs.

We can help!

Our online shop is open 24/7 for all your funky t-shirt needs, and better than that all our tees give £5 to charity.  Every… single… one. Even better than that, by shopping from a small business, you’re supporting the local economy.

We’ve written about the benefits of shopping local before (have a look at this blog from last year) but we’re specifically focusing on shopping small this week. Come with us on a whistle-stop journey…

To shop small means to buy from a business that isn’t owned by the likes of overlord Jeff Bez and the billionaires that are killing the planet. We’re real people, offering a product we think will make you smile.

We’re small enough that we have our t-shirts made using responsibly sourced cotton and everything we sell in the shop is made here in the Black Country. We print each tee individually and make sure that it arrives to you gift wrapped and looking gorgeous. You don’t get that from the likes of Amazon, now do ya!

Shopping small also means you keep money in the immediate community – as well as donating a portion of our profits to charities we also sponsor events and local sports people to ensure we’re giving back and doing right by the people that live where we live.

That’s the benefit of keeping it small and keeping it local. It allows us to blend our passions and help others. It also means we can control the way our t-shirts look until the end of days.

Speaking of which, we’ve got some new designs landing REAL soon. If you fancy supporting us (celebrate us turning 2, and all that) we would love for you to visit the shop and invest in some of our classic tees until the new range lands.

That’s your lot for today. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and tag us in your selfies when you get your t-shirts. We love seeing them in different places – apparently one recently travelled to Las Vegas which is pretty cool!

Take care of each other and stay classy!
– Love Bobby D x

The Bobby Dazzlers Sponsor Local Boxer

As long-time readers of Bobby’s blog will know, we love supporting local charities and local talent. Not all heroes wear capes, and all that.

As well as donating £5 from every t-shirt we sell to local charities (something we’ve proudly done since day one from our conception in 2020) we’ve always strived to support the community around us. It’s what sets us apart and makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

We’ve sponsored numerous events and shows over the last few years, but we’re super excited and proud to be sponsoring boxer Sam Eggington for his next fight. Sam’s next fight is due to take place in early March and will be screened on Channel 5, making it probably our most exciting sponsorship deal to date.

A professional boxer, he’s held both British and Commonwealth welterweight titles (all by the age of 21), not to mention the European welterweight title most recently. Born and bred in the Midlands, 28-year-old Sam has won 31 fights to date and is now stepping thing up by moving to middleweight.

Bobby says: “We’re delighted to support a local lad on his next professional boxing match, and we’ll be sure to be watching. We’re sure you’ll all join us in wishing Sam all the best for the fight, and hoping for a great result.”

We’ll let you know more information on our socials when the next fight is officially announced, but for now we with Sam all the best as he ramps up his training.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the shop for the latest Black Country inspired tees, and keep an eye out for some new lines being added soon. We’re got some great ideas and we’ll be sharing them with you all veryyyy soon.

Don’t forget to follow on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates and offers.

Until next time, stay safe and be happy!

– Team Bobby x

Four things to do Instead of read the Sue Gray report

After weeks of incriminating photos and leaks of parties to the press, the Sue Gray report into Downing Street’s shenanigans during lockdown is out.

Spoiler alert: Boris is a liar and everyone at Number 10 is drunk. 

At Bobby Dazzlers, we remember well how boring, scary and sad 2020 was. Because we were inside, following the government rules, like good little citizens. We wrote about lockdown many times on this blogs, trying to make the best of what was, inarguably, a pretty shite time.

If you, like us, feel like the Sue Gray report into ‘party-gate’ this week is infuriating and makes you want to stick your fingers in a plug socket, we’ve come up with four things to do instead of reading the white-washing, sorry, we mean report.

  1. Go shopping

Sure you could go spend your money in the winter sales on clothes that have been on sale for 2 years – OR you could enjoy shopping for clothing from your armchair! Bobby Dazzler t-shirts are only sold online via our funky digital store and we’ve got some great Black Country inspired tees to help you show the world your personality. Did we mention the shop can be found here *smiles wildly*

  1. Support local businesses

It’s vital to look after your local businesses, particularly during the quietest time of the year, and a good way to spend some time this week is supporting a small biz you like. Could be us (please be us, we’d like that a lot) or it could be any other Black Country or West Midlands business but make sure you make your pound count this year.

  1. Bake banana bread

Remember lockdown baking? That was fun wasn’t it? While Boris and co got wasted at lunch time the rest of us wholesome heroes made lovely cakes and tried to retain some sanity. Maybe we should’ve just got 3am wasted on a Tuesday morning… who knows. Rules don’t matter apparently so just do whatever you like. Banana bread with a pint of rum – sold!

  1. Plan a revolution

Seriously, though… when does the revolution start. We’re exhausted…

Get in touch

And that’s your lot today. A bit silly but let’s be honest, you have to try and make light of this stuff or you’ll go insane.

We have lots of cool new releases coming for 2022 and you’re encouraged to sign up to hear more about them. You can be the first to get your hands on new Bobby Dazzler merch and also our brilliant blogs (ahem).

Until next time, be safe, be kind and for the love of God – someone let Sue Gray speak to the manager.

– Team Bobby x

How to enjoy Christmas during the time of Omicron

“It’s being to look a lot like…” OH WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?

Merry Christmas everyone – Santa has brought you a new variant to spice up your festivities. Not content with last Christmas spent apart from our families, the ever-giving joy that is Coronavirus has decided to throw up another curveball.

While it’s starting to feel a lot like this virus just hates Christmas, at Bobby Dazzlers we are determined to have a very merry time. In your last post of 2021, the team are offering up their top tips on how to enjoy Christmas during the time of Omicron.

Some are quite good ideas, some are ridiculous and we can only assume the cabin fever has already kicked in while people isolate, but nonetheless – here you go.

Open the wine

Like wine and cheese? Well according to Boris and his merry band of baboons you can enjoy lots of these delicious things under the guise of a business meeting. Maybe pop on a suit and invite your other half – if it’s good enough for Bojo and pals it’s good enough for us. Pass the Brie.

Do some online shopping

Did you get some Christmas money and fancy buying yourself some cheeky gifts? Maybe you need some self care joy in your life. Well lucky for you (shameless plug incoming) the Bobby Dazzlers shop is open across the festive period and you don’t need a booster jab to shop there.

We’ve got all our favourites and the most popular t-shirts of the last year – keep your eyes peeled in new year too as we may decide to have a flash sale, if you’re lucky.  Take a look at the shop here.

Binge on box sets

OK so it looks like the pubs might get shut before New Years Eve but the good news is there’s loads of brilliant box sets you can binge – and you don’t need to put on your post Xmas stretchy trousers for it. The best bit is you can stream from your TV so you don’t even need to get up to change the Blu-Ray anymore, just for a refresh on the port and Stilton.


Yeah ok so we all sort of hate them now, but if you’re feeling a bit lonely or bored this Christmas (we know a lot of you will be isolating and missing out) make sure you ask your friends for help. Get on a Zoom and play silly games or just chat. It’s really good to talk.

Be a big kid

Isolating due to Covid symptoms or illness brought about by a virus named after a Transformer villain? Why not embrace your inner child and open the toy box. There’s something quite fun about pretending to be a kid again, so grab your Megatron and Barbies and have a tea party. OK, this one is a bit ridiculous but it’s been a long year and frankly the team is exhausted by it all.

On that note we’ll sign off for the year and look forward to 2022. Keep safe, look after your friends and family, and remember there’s always tomorrow.

Happy Christmas,

– Love from Team Bobby

Did someone say… CHRISTMAS!


Defrost Mariah Carey and get ready to give Michael Buble CPR because… it’s almost Christmas.

Like it or hate it, Halloween has been and gone, the clocks have gone back and you’re having to dog out your winter coat from the back of the wardrobe. Oh yes, hold onto your santa hats because it’s about to get festive AF around here.

We love Christmas. It’s a time for family and friends getting together and sharing the love. It’s also about mulled wine, eating 5,000 calories of carbs every day for 2 weeks and presents. LOTS of lovely presents.

Christmas 2020 wasn’t a riot, let’s be honest. Most of us spent it locked in our houses seeing next to no one and feeling generally just grateful to be alive after the previous 6 months. Seems like a dream now, as we see our pals again and live a fairly normal life (thanks to vaccines and science generally being amazing) compared to the pandemic paradise of the last year.

Life and Mr Covid permitting (we of course mean Boris messing things up for us all, again…) we should be able to have a pretty normal Christmas again this year – and that makes Team Bobby ruddy excited. It’s a special time, for giving and sharing; loving and snogging under mistletoe and all that jazz.

So to get you in the spirit (and because capitalism dictates most of us do our Xmas shopping in autumn now) we’re going to seamlessly sell you a few of our best t-shirts. We think they make excellent stocking fillers – and as a bonus some of the proceeds go to charity. So you’re buying a gift and giving a second one to those in need. Isn’t that super?

One for Dad

Is your dad a moany old git like ours? How about letting him share that joy to others with this fun ‘Feck No’ tee. Perfect present for a Black Country father that likes to make a statement.

One for Mum

Is your mum a born and bred Black Country bab? We think she might like a ‘Yam Yam’ t-shirt to show off her roots. Goes perfectly with jeans, leggings or under a coat for the inevitable wine in a beer garden sesh.

One for your mate

 Is being your pal brilliant? Why not choose the ‘Living The Dream’ tee! Great for boys or girls, it’s a fun reminder life’s a magical merry-go-round. Great for all year around too.

Ask us for more info

Don’t forget, all of our tees are unisex (so they fit literally anyone) and come in sizes XS to XXXL. Prices start from under £20 too, so you get a bargain. Check out the shop for more information about our brand and what we aim to do with Bobby Dazzlers from a community perspective.

We’ll be running increased post drops ahead of Christmas but we suggest ordering early to avoid disappointment. We’ll do our best to fulfil any requests too so drop us an email if we can help you.

Until next time, stay safe and be happy,
Team Bobby D x

How to give back to your Local Community

We talk about it a lot here on Bobby’s blog, but with the festive season coming up (and after a particularly trying year…) it’s good to think about how you can give back. Especially within your local community.

We’ve mentioned this several times in articles before, but we think it’s really important to give back to the local community and support those less fortunate or is difficult situations.

It’s actually partly why The Bobby Dazzlers was born way back in the shit storm that was 2020. We wanted to offer something practical, locally focused and fun to help raise funds for local charities that mattered to us. A small act of kindness, but one we’re really proud of and one we wish to continue for as long as we sell these tees to you guys.

Did you know we give £5 from EVERY sale to charities that support local people?
Currently those include Balls to Cancer and Good Sheppard Ministry that helps people in poverty and the homeless in Wolverhampton.  We don’t have to do it, but we want to do it. It makes us feel part of the community and shows there’s scope to both run a business and give back.

But we also know not everyone has a Black Country t-shirt company (lol) and we understand circumstances mean not everyone can afford to give financially. So what other ways can you support local charities and help your local community this winter without donating money specifically? Here’s 3 ways to show up and make a difference.

Offer your time

Nothing is more valuable really than time. Some of us have more of it to offer up for free than others, but it’s a nice way to get involved without committing to spending money yourself. You could offer to help in a homeless shelter, work in a soup kitchen, offer up your car to deliver meals on wheels, volunteer at a hospital, offer up childcare – the list is honestly endless.

You won’t get paid but you’ll get a mad sense of pride and happiness. There’s places and resources across the Black Country crying out for people just willing to give the gift of TIME.

Have a clear out

We all have things we don’t use or need anymore. Could be clothes and shoes, books, kitchen appliances, toys, baby equipment, DVDs – the list goes on. There’s numerous charity shops, hospices, shelters and clearance companies who will gladly take unwanted goods off your hands. Particularly as we hit winter the need for sleeping bags, coats and warm clothing gets really high, so your unwanted bits and bobs could be extremely wanted by others. Have a clear out and help others in the process.

Food banks

It’s a depressing fact of life now that we rely as a society on food banks. We won’t get into the politics blame game here, but just to remind you there’s more food banks than ever looking for donations. This is usually in the form of dried or canned goods like tins of non-perishable food. You can find your nearest food bank in the Black Country with a quick Google.

You can find out more about our charity pledges on the website. If you’d like to purchase a t-shirt to support our causes this Christmas please take a look at the shop. We give a fiver from all sales to those that need it and we want to make a real difference this year – so maybe buy 2 and help us along the way!

Look after each other,
– Bobby D


It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn

Summer is over, the nights are getting darker and apparently we now have to fight each other for petrol because our government is inept. Wonderful!

You’d be forgiven for thinking autumn looks set to be a shocker – but this time of year can also be a time for joy! Team Bobby Dazzler always try to look on the bright side of life, so in today’s post we’ll be reminding you of some of the best bits of autumn and how to enjoy this time of year.

The leaves turn

Nothing says autumn like the beautiful changing colours. Leaves lose their vibrant green colouring and become shades of rust and gold; gentling falling in the breeze and making a carpet on the pavement.  Sure they’ll wreak havoc on the train tracks and cause hours of delays the minute in rains, but at least everywhere looks like a romantic painting, bab.

Lots of nice events

Sure, Christmas is on the cards soon but in autumn you’ll get to enjoy Halloween and Bonfire Night. Think of all that flammable fancy dress you can enjoy while you drink boiled cider! Magical times. Prefer throwing dummies on fires in pub car parks and setting off whizzers into the night sky? Do it for Guy Fawkes!


Sure a sunny BBQ is nice but let’s be honest: the season of pie is always bostin. There’s something delightfully warming about pie and mash with lashings of gravy. Feeling frivolous? Why not add a few faggots on the side and have a right old feast. Remember though: if it’s not encased all the way around it’s just stew with a lid.

Start your Christmas shopping

If you’re like us you’re probably starting to think about Christmas and all the presents you’ll buy for family and friends. Since that seamlessly (lol) links us to Bobby Dazzler’s range of affordable t-shirts, let’s have a quick reminder of the tees we have available.

Great as a stocking filler, our range of t-shirts are made from ethically sourced materials and are finished right here in the Midlands. As well as our famous Black Country sayings (we love the ‘Bostin’ shirt) our tees can let the world know how you’re feeling.

If someone in your life is looking for a bit of light hearted fashion, we think the Bobby Dazzler tees are a great gift idea. Take a look at the shop here and see the latest ranges we have available.

Give us a wave

We’d love to hear from you. You can follow us on social media (we’d particularly like to see you over on our Instagram) or alternatively drop us an email. We also have lots of other blog posts here where you’ll find plenty of silliness to keep your spirits up.

If you’d like to know more about the t-shirts we have available (or you want to be the first to hear about our upcoming new range) don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter. We promise to not spam you and you’ll find offers from time to time to sweeten the deal!

Best wishes for now,

– Team Bobby D

Why buying ethically sourced clothing matters

Most of us are now aware of the perils associated with fast fashion, and it has been never more necessary to provide sustainable and ethically sourced clothing. 

The fashion industry has long been accused of exploiting people in the search for cheap labour and clothes that rarely meet basic standards of quality, let alone care for those making them.

We take our both environmental and sociological responsibility seriously, and for that reason we thought today’s post could be a great opportunity to explain to you, our customers, why we think buying ethically sourced clothing is important.

Don’t worry, this is only a quick read, but we encourage you to do your own research and make sure you know how to shop more ethically.

What does ethically sourced clothing really mean?

Ethical fashion is garment design, production, and distribution that focuses on reducing harm to people and the planet. Ethical fashion is designed to answer questions like “Who made this garment?” and “Is that person earning a fair living wage?” It’s also about carbon footprints and how we treat the environment.

How is Bobby Dazzler providing ethically sourced clothing?

Firstly, all of our T-Shirts are Fairwear Foundation certified and GOTS accredited – it means out tees are produced in a way that benefits everyone the chain of creation. They’re also ethically finished right here in the West Midlands, so we’re supporting the local community too. 

Why does it matter?

Like most people, in this day and age we think people deserve equality and fairness. That means creating ethically sourced clothing that is not only great quality to the end user but also allows everybody in between the opportunity to earn a fair wage, look after the environment and generally be an all round good egg.

Help us help others

Don’t forget, when choosing to shop with us and buying a t-shirt from The Bobby Dazzlers you’re also supporting local charities – you’re making a real difference to your fellow human beings. Five quid from all our sales goes to great causes – each and every time.

If you’d like more information about Bobby D’s ethos please visit the About Us page, else we’re on email for any questions you might have.

Thanks for reading – don’t forget to follow us on Instagram or Twitter for the latest news and offers. If you have any questions about our T-shirt ranges (or you just want to tell us why you love the Black Country) contact us here.

Look after each other, be kind and stay safe – love Team Bobby D x



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