The importance of buying from local businesses

There’s a saying that when you buy from a small business the owner does a little happy dance – and we have to say that’s actually true.

As a small business, when we sell a t-shirt we’re not only providing you with a great garment, but we’re building a brand and giving back to the Black Country. That matters to us.

When you buy from a small local biz instead of a huge chain or a faceless global brand, you’re saying you love your community. You’re providing support and work for local people. You’re helping big up the area by wearing tees that show you’re proud of where you’re from.

Cool isn’t it? You don’t get those warm and fuzzies when you order from Jeff at Amazon do you! The truth is, small businesses exist less to make a use profit and more to support the local community. These businesses are often labours of love and born from passion – they’re run by people that really care.

Locally run businesses are the pillar of our economy but what you may not realise is that buying from a local business (instead of a big chain) is actually way better for the economy of your community. You keep the money mixing in and around your own area – the dream!

Research shows that £10 spent with a local independent shop (online or on the high street) means up to an additional £50 goes back into the local economy. Because other local shop owners then put that money back into the local community. This could be by going into pubs and restaurants or shopping online via digital stores like ours. It all allows your community to thrive.

The other ace thing about independent businesses is that they are run by people; real humans and not stockholders. Because they’re run by local folk, usually you’ll discover that the business offers warm, welcoming communication and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on that one.

Finally, in a world that’s increasingly dominated by chains, independent businesses bring much-needed originality and variety into communities. They can be a real breath of fresh air where generic stores and companies simply don’t get the local market.

Part of our strategy with Bobby Dazzlers is giving back – we’ve done it from day one and we’ll do it forever. Every sale means a donation to local charities, so each time we sell a t-shirt we’re helping others. That makes us feel good – and it should make you, as a customer, feel good too.

So that’s a little flyby on why supporting local businesses makes a massive difference to your community. We love being a part of the Black Country landscape and are proud to serve our friends, family, neighbours and beyond.

If you’d like more information about Bobby D’s ethos please visit the About Us page, else we’re on email for any questions you might have.

Looking after each other and stay safe – love Team BD x

Laters lockdown – here’s to the future!

As you’re reading this, the last lockdown restrictions have been lifted; just over a year since the first ones were in place. God it’s been a long year hasn’t it?!

After months of sitting indoors (and eating the contents of the entire fridge; repeatedly) Boris has said it’s OK to go outside with other humans again. And good lord we all need it.

If this year has taught us anything it’s how much we need human contact and you really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Mainly the pub. And walking for pleasure: not sanity. But that’s a story for another day.

At least the last few months have given us all time to reflect and spend more time at home. There’s lots to look forward to we’re all making plans for the future.

The sunshine has helped enormously, making every leaf seem a little greener and the time with friend and family outside more pleasant. What have you specifically enjoyed during your first week of freedom?

We can’t decide, but it’s been a treat to have a freshly poured pint again – not so much queuing with 500 people to get into Primark. Speaking of shopping, did we mention we sell t-shirts?

SEAMLESS… (thank you we’ll be here all week)

We can’t chat about all the fun and games of lockdown lifting without mentioning what we’ve got available for you this month. The shop has undergone a few changes but you’ll still find your favourites.

It’s also been a reminder that in times like this we all need to stick together and look after each other. With that in mind, we’re still donating cash from every sale to local West Midland’s charities. Our 2021 charities include Balls to Cancer and Good Shepherd Ministry – addressing poverty, homelessness and inequality in Wolverhampton.

Take a look at the shop to see the full range of The Bobby Dazzlers T-Shirts and don’t be shy about getting in touch if you’d like information about shipping, sizing or whether you can meet your mate for a pint at your local.

The first collection (including the best-selling Bab T-shirt) went down so well we’ve already got our next range almost ready to go and we know it’ll be perfect for those of you who like to tell the world how you feel every day.

Thanks for reading – don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the latest news and offers. If you have any questions about our T-shirt ranges (or you just want to tell us why you love the Black Country) contact us here.

Lots of love, Team Bobby D

 P.S Don’t forget to read our other blog post about looking like a rock star in the beer garden this summer!

How to be a beer garden rock star this spring

We don’t want to alarm anyone, but by the time you read this the last few weeks of restrictions will be coming to an end. Sound the alarm, ring the bell and all that.

If you’re anything like us you’ll probably have started planning for first week of freedom and how you’ll spend the days and evenings once April 12th hits. For us it’s going to be a freshly poured pint in a beer garden. Maybe with a cheeky bag of scratchings or a cheese and onion cob. We don’t judge.

Whatever you’re doing you’re going to be outside, around actual humans, so it’s important we ditch the joggers and hoodies and add a bit of pizazz back to the clothing choices.

With that in mind, today we’re bringing you some of our top picks for spring from the Bobby Dazzlers range. You can look like a rock star in the beer garden with our affordable tees. Show your Black Country and proud, bab!


Are you happy to be out of the house? FECK YEAH! Wearing your joy is so spring 2021, and this popular number will help you stand out in the packed pub terraces.

You can see this one in the shop here!

Awlroight Bab!

From XS to XXXL we’ve got a t-shirt to help you look beautiful, bab! If you want to tell the world loud and proud you’re doing awwwwwlroight we’ve got just the tee for you.

You can grab this one from the shop here!


Sipping on a cold drink and enjoying some banter with your best pals. Imagine it – we call that Living the Dream after the last year. Don’t you? The print on this one is big and bold so definitely one for you confident kids!

Picking your TEE!

We’ve got lots of choice and plenty of love to give all you Black Country babs. Take a look at the gallery to see some of them being modelled by our team of legends!

All of our t-shirts are unisex and we’ve got you covered whether you’re a slim Jim or rocking the lockdown love handles. You’re going to look and feel fab in your Bobby Dazzlers tee, especially knowing a percentage of the profits are going straight to local charities.

Make sure you take a snap of you rocking your beer garden get up and tag us over on social media – we love seeing you guys enjoying the clothes. We are buzzing to see the tees in the same shot as a full pint glass, too.

Check out the full range via the shop, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for regular updates and a bit of wholesome fun.

Stay safe and keep sane! Team Bobby D x

The basics of The Bobby Dazzlers

Hello and welcome back to Bobby’s blog. How are you?

We’ve come to realise we’re very good at bigging everyone and thing else up but maybe not shouting about ourselves. And as Ru Paul says: if you ain’t gonna love yourself how the hell you gonna expect anyone else to!

So this week’s ramblings is going to be a little different, as we offer you a screen shot of our values and what makes us bostin! Get yourself a brew and settle in for story time with Bobby.

Black country through and through
At Bobby Dazzlers we are proud of our roots. All of our tees are designed and finished in the Midlands, and we make clothing that’s created with our local community in mind. Love your city? GOOD! Shout it from the rooftops, we say.

Quality matters
Heavy-duty and made to last longer than your lockdown resolutions, every Bobby Dazzler t-shirt is ethically produced and traded. Quality matters and we don’t mess about.

Designed to last, the 100% organic cotton slogan T-Shirts are created using screen printing technology rather than the usual boring transfers or vinyl printing methods. We think, if you’re going to do something, do it well – and our quality T-Shirts are proper bostin bab.

We love community
Part of the reason we do what we do is community. Actually it’s a fecking massive part of what’s behind the brand. Black Country babs, through and through – and proud.

Speedy delivery
We offer fast and free shipping. It doesn’t matter if you buy one tee from The Bobby Dazzlers or 100. The price you see on the shop and in your basket includes it getting to you – no hidden nonsense.

Satisfaction, bab
If you’re not completely satisfied we offer a non nit-picking returns policy. No messing about – life’s stressful enough. You can just email us on to discuss any issues.

We give back
A portion of all of our profits go to local charities too. A fiver from every sale goes to local charities and our current charities include Haven Wolverhampton, Balls to Cancer and Good Shepherd Ministry. If you’re not following them yet go give them a view.

Rewards – because you’re worth it
We love our community, and that’s why members will receive amazing deals and discounts direct to their inboxes on the regular. Don’t forget to subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out!

The website is specifically designed to be super duper easy to navigate but we love getting mail and if you have any requests or questions (or just want to know more about sizing, postage or the charities we support) please get in touch via the contact page.

If you’re interested in viewing the range we currently have available please visit the shop here.

5 happy things to get you through the end of lockdown

The good news is Boris is throwing us a bone next week and announcing the road map out of lockdown; the bad news is not much looks set to change in March (except the nippers being flung back to school) so you’ll probably still spending most of it at home.

With all that in mind, this week’s humourous but ultimately silly blog post is a reminder of the happy and joyful things that will get you through the last few weeks of lockdown 3.

1. It’s almost spring

Oh yes, we saw snowdrops this week and the temperate hit double digits, which means… SPRING. Next month we’ll say cheerio to flippin February and hello to mega March. That brings Mother’s Day, brighter evenings and the end of Dancing on Ice – thank god.

2. Changing your wardrobe

As the weather improves and we start to hopefully see more of the human race again, why not swap your winter clothes around in your wardrobe for spring/summer? While you’re at it, why not treat yourself to some new snazzy t-shirts to looks super fresh in time for restrictions ending. We’ve heard a rumour Bobby Dazzlers has some great options at great prices (SMILES WIDELY). Why not check out the shop here.

3. The clocks change

At the end of next month the clocks spring forward and we officially move into British summer time. That means we can start thinking about bbqs, mini breaks and most importantly seeing more of our friends and family for fun. Remember fun? Oh you’ll love it, I promise.

4. Spring is full of change

Did you know the first day of spring is called the vernal equinox? No, neither did we, but its all about where the sun sets and apparently you should be able to see more beauty than ever outside your door. Springtime is also when the most animals are born and is considered the most ‘living giving’ time of the year – after the past year we’re well up for feeling reborn so we’re going with it.

5. You are going to be fine

It might sound ridiculous, but it’s important to remember you’re going to be fine.  This has been a traumatic 12 months but we’re going to have positive times ahead. Consider this a chance to reconnect with old friends, maybe make some new ones when you’re legally allowed to. Out with the old and in with the new.

At Bobby Dazzler we’re always trying to see the bright side. It’s hard sometimes, but if Covid and a pandemic has taught us anything it’s that kindness and resilience are never to be underestimated. We’re still here selling you funny, local inspired t-shirts and bringing you hope, and we can’t wait to see you all out and about again soon rocking your BOSTIN tees and nailing beer garden chic.

Take care, stay safe, keep smiling.

Lockdown loungewear just got bostin

We’ve been locked up more than the animals at Dudley Zoo this past year. It’s true – lockdown 3.0 is in full swing and we’re all caged up and bored stupid. If you’re feeling fed up, you’re not alone.

Almost 11 months in we’re now on lockdown part 3 (going well isn’t it Boris – nice one, fella…) and although the vaccine roll out is well under way there’s no relaxing of the Covid restrictions coming just yet. But as we said in our last blog post – there’s light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully summer will be a much more fun place for us all to exist.

Until then it’s lockdown leisurewear. Whether you’re home schooling in your PJs or trying to look vaguely presentable for Zoom calls, comfort is key right now. After all, shuffling to and from the bedroom to the lounge to the fridge and back again is now a key activity – you want to feel comfy doing it all.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve not worn a pair of heels since March or if you’ve forgotten to shower today – what matters is that you feel like yourself and you can get the day’s jobs done with minimal fuss. So we’ve been thinking. If you’re going to be stuck in your house wearing comfies you might as well look semi-snazzy while you’re at it, right?

That’s where Bobby Dazzlers can help (sound the trumpet fanfare) as we’ve got a great selection of comfortable, high quality t-shirts designed to look good but feel good too.

The Bobby Dazzlers was created to help you show the world you are Black Country and proud! Ensuring you can show your love for Birmingham and the Black Country, our range of t-shirts are available with a variety of popular phrases, showing off the local lingo. 

Whether you’re an Awlroight Bab kinda person or a fully fledged Yam Yam, check out the shop to see the full range of designs – all influenced by the West Midlands spirit and a sense of fun.

All Bobby Dazzler
t-shirts are Fairwear Foundation certified and GOTS accredited
(trust us, it means something) and they’re also ethically finished right here in the West Midlands. We’re a local brand working with local people.

A plus point is that all our t-shirts are unisex – so they fit every body – we don’t discriminate – and come in sizes from XS all the way up to XXXL. So if you want a smaller T to look smart or a baggy one to watch Netflix and eat cake in (we don’t judge) you crack on. The choice is yours.

Fancy checking out the range? The shop is online only and designed to be easy to navigate, and all payments are made through a secure platform so you have complete piece of mind. We ship worldwide and offer sales support all day every day, so you know you’re in a safe pair of hands.

Not only that, but we give £5 of every sale directly to local West Midlands charities. Like we said, local people supporting local people is what Bobby Dazzlers is all about.

Whatever your lockdown looks like, stay safe and looking after each other. The light at the end of the tunnel is looking brighter each day.


New year same old

Hello and welcome back! It’s a new year but due to the government continuing to test out our home prisons we’re still very much in a lockdown. I know, know, something new and different – yay!

Like most of you guys, the team enjoyed a quiet but safe Christmas. There were the usual rows over board games, too much turkey, and someone (no names) rather over did the whisky. Standard festive nonsense really.

As January hit, we were delighted to hear news that more and more vaccine roll outs were coming, and it got our hopes up. We all need to look to the future where possible, and keep the faith that the good times will return. And the pub… in fact, mostly the pub.

With that in mind we decided to embrace the light at the end of the tunnel rhetoric that’s been doing the rounds on social media of late, and we’ve launched a brand new t-shirt to remind you better times are coming.

Say hello to theOut of Darkness Cometh Light addition to the Bobby Dazzlers online shop. We’re really chuffed with this, not only because it’s got a positive message, but also because the saying comes from Wolves.

Oh yes, if you didn’t know, Wolverhampton has its own motto. It’s real – we Googled it. One thing we love in the Black Country is a jazzy motto, so we’ve jumped on this and emblazoned our quality t-shirts with it. In Old Gold print, too, Old Gold and Black.. see what we did there?

We’re super proud of this one. It epitomises the Black Country spirit and recognises the optimism of one of the West Midlands’ most important cities. If there was ever a dot on the map that embodies looking to the brighter side, it’s surely good old Wolves.

The new t-shirt has just landed in our online shop and is available for £24.99. Don’t forget that a percentage of our profits go to supporting local charities, so not only do you get a high-quality bit of clobber you also help local vulnerable people and those fighting cancer. Win/win innit!

As well as our sexy new addition we’ve got all the regulars and faves to make sure you look bostin during lockdown. We can ship nationally so if you fancy treating a mate or cheering up your dad we’ve got you covered – we wrap them up all fancy and everything, so they make snazzy gifts too.

If you have any questions or need our help with sizing, postage, bulk orders etc just contact the team online.

One thing we are wondering is whether to give our FECK 2020 tees a bit of a makeover for 2021 – let us know over on the Bobby Dazzlers Instagram if that’s something you’d be interested in.

Keep well, look after each other, and wash your hands. Also, can someone remind Sandra from number 32 that she’s not meant to be having kitchen discos during a national lockdown… it’s becoming a problem

Stay safe.
Love Team Bobby D

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

In the words of Black Country legend Noddy Holder: IT’SSSSSS CHRRRIIIISSSTTMAASSSSS… well, it is in a few days anyway.  

Yes – finally after months of boredom and uncertainty we’ve got something to look forward to. Whether you’re choosing to spend the holidays at home with your household or you’re bubbling up across the country with the mother-in-law you wish you didn’t have to see (cheers Boris) we hope you have a mega break. 

God knows after 2020 we all need some rest and relaxation.  I mean, I also need a litre of whisky but to each their own. December is a key point of the year to look back and reflect, and like it or not Covid is a massive part of that. For some people it’s been a true nightmare and for others a chance to learn, evolve and give back.  

That’s actually how The Bobby Dazzlers came to be, in a funny sort of way. The people behind this silly T-shirt business actively wanted to give back to their local community, as well as provide some much-needed LOLS in a torrid time. How else do you think the FECK 2020 design came about?  

It’s important to care for your community; whether that’s by simply asking your neighbour how they are or actively being part of local projects designed to help others. The Bobby Dazzlers is still a relatively new business but we’re so proud we’ve been able to support local charities and sponsor podcasts and such to make sure all voices have a platform – especially locally.  

We’re often overlooked in the Midlands (to be honest if you live above Watford you generally struggle to be noticed by the ones in power) but we’re a resilient bunch. The West Midlands especially is built on community – we should be proud of that. See… even we’re getting reflective.  

This year has proved we’re all stronger than we may realise – we’re caring and compassionate and honest. Inherently, most people are good. That’s something to remember when it all feels ‘a bit much’ isn’t it?  

So, we wish YOU a very merry Christmas. Eat, drink, be merry, try not to lick your elderly relatives unless they’re vaccinated. We’ve still got the SHOP open for last minute orders this week so if you’re struggling for some stocking fillers, we can help you. Maybe buy our Living the Dream T-shirt ahead of 2021 which, let’s be honest, can’t suck more than this has *fingers crossed* 

Thank you for embracing us this year and if you’ve already bought one of our Black Country inspired T-shirts, we salute you. We’re going to be back bigger and better for 2021 so keep your eyes peeled – and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for news, deals and memes that (might) make you laugh.  

Look after your loved ones and open that posh bottle of fizz you’ve been saving – you’ve earned it. Happy Christmas and here’s to a better new year.  

Team Bobby D x 

Last call for gifts in time for Christmas

The bad news is it’s still 2020 (day 27329530 to be precise) but the good news is it’s just two weeks to Christmas. Something to finally get excited about! 

If, like us, you’re stuck in the monotony of tier 3 you may not fancy braving the shops and are probably doing a lot of your Christmas shopping online this year – we support that thinking! 

But rather than ordering from the likes of Am*zon that are already rolling in magic beans, why not support local small businesses this year instead. And yes, obviously that includes us! The Bobby Dazzlers has some excellent stocking fillers and Christmas gifts to buy your loved ones – take a look at the shop here

We’ve fully stocked the online shop with all the best sellers as well as the Black Country favourites like ‘Yam Yam’ and ‘Bostin’. If you’re buying for someone with a sense of humour (we all know someone at least!) why not give the gift of ‘Feck 2020’ to make him or her smile on the big day?  

Supporting local has never been more important. There’s a little saying that when you buy from a small business the owner does a happy dance. Well we’ve secretly recorded the top dog at Bobby D and can assure you this is the case. Hopefully next time he puts some clothes on… 

It’s worth remembering that the post is slow – even more so than usual – due to the pandemic and festivities so get your orders in nice and early. We’re working super hard to pick and pack in record time to make sure your orders arrive speedier than a speedy thing. 

Hit SHOP and come check out the range of t-shirts we have available. Don’t forget that a percentage of the profits go to local charities including Balls to Cancer, and we make sure to only work with ethical suppliers on our clothing.  

Ideal as a gift for someone special (or treat yourself, you deserve it) The Bobby Dazzlers T-Shirts are high quality, comfortable and available in black or white, so they’ll match with pretty much anything. Winner winner chicken dinner. 

We don’t mess about when it comes to quality. Designed to last, the organic cotton slogan T-Shirts are created using silk screen technology rather than the usual printing methods. We think, if you’re going to do something, do it well – and our quality T-Shirts are proper bostin’ bab. 

Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter for the latest news and deals direct to your inbox. We offer cheeky discounts to members all the time so keep your eyes peeled.   

Have yourself a merry little Christmas and don’t forget to whack some Noddy Holder on the speakers. We’ll save the sing-a-long for the next blog post.. 


How to speak like a proper Black Country bab

Awlroight! In our last blog post we gave you five reasons to love the Black Country, with the top one being the famous accent. Did you read it? No? Well, you can here – go do your homework.


This got us thinking – they say, “it’s not what you say but how you say it” but we think thinking like a Black Country bab is just as important as how you speak. With that in mind, in today’s (ultimately very silly) blog post we’re going to explain some local sayings – all of which you’ll only find in this neck of the woods. Some go right back in time too! 


Let’s start with the basics. While others may say a cheese and onion cob and a pint of Bathams is excellent, with the sunny boundaries of the Black Country we call them ‘Bostin.’ Let’s be honest, it’s a much nicer phrase than ‘very good’ which unless you’re a royal just sounds naff and flat as a fart. We love the word Bostin so much we made a T-shirt emblazoned with it – check it out in the shop *seamless plug complete* 


Shifting gears, let’s move on to ‘E’s proper poorly’ – ideal and topical if you’ve visiting a friend with Covid. We’re joking, of course; don’t be visiting anyone that’s isolating and just do what Dr Hilary on morning TV says is best. We make funny T-shirts, not health advice. 


Fancy calling your mate a bit of a div? ‘Yo soppy ha’p’orth’ will do the trick. Took the joke a bit too far? ‘I could-a drapped cork-legged’ (I could’ve died of embarrassment) could be used. Or just take your pal for a pint… when the pubs reopen…

As we enter winter, ‘it’s a bit black over Bill’s mother’s’ is a good phrase to keep in your Yam Yam  arsenal. It loosely means the weather is looking a bit shite – which let’s be honest is basically everyday from November to March. Someone crying over the snow forecast? Tell them to stop their ‘blarting’. Put on some Christmas music and cheer up. 


Speaking of Christmas, it doesn’t look like we’ll get to have a massive family get together like usual but hopefully you won’t have to use ‘Ne’er a wun cum a nie’ which means no one came to visit. That’s just depressing, we don’t want that. 


Finally, if you need to get out of something (or you want to deny eating the mince pie stash before December) try ‘wor me, ar day do it’ meaning it wasn’t me/I didn’t do it. Or just run away and hide in the shed for a bit. 


What are you favourite Black Country sayings? Do you think we should add some more to our T-shirts? Take a look at the shop to see which we’ve already got ready for you to wear – they would make smashing Christmas presents, babs. 


Take care of yourselves and keep up the hand washing. 



Born in the West Midlands during the madness of 2020, The Bobby Dazzlers brings together fun fashion and community. Combining bold designs and durable clothing, our T-Shirts offer a stylish way to show your Midlands pride at an affordable price.  

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